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Portable Graze

Portable Graze


Dimensions: 4.3' x 1.5'

*NEW* This portable graze is our solution to not being able to be at two places at once, this stunning board is the exact same size as our 5 sq ft. table, simply just on a wooden tray instead of built on site.



  • Our team builds this board at our store and delivers it to your door, similar to our classic cheese boards. 
  • We ask for assistance to carry it inside. Depending on what time you are serving it we will either leave it wrapped with ice packs on top and directions for easy assembly, or we will assemble it for you if consuming within the next 1.5 hours. Assembly takes less than 5 minutes. 
  • We will then pick up the board (complimentary if it's within 25 miles of our location) or kindly ask that you drop off the board with 48-72 hours after your event 


  • When you have only have 30 minutes of set up time available in the event space before the party 
  • When you are serving outside, we can put ice packs underneath the table to keep it cooler longer (for an additional cost)
  • When you prefer the cleaner look of a board VS. a table set up directly on butcher paper 

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