Our Story

It all started with a $10 meat and cheese board and a $3 bottle of wine...

I graduated from college in 2019, I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do with my degree yet. I always knew two things I was good at.. making collages for fun & cooking. Sounds random, right? Well it was only a little while back that I realized that is exactly what my job is. It is essentially making collages of art out of food!

YaYaYum Boards was founded in my parents house in the summer of 2019. I always liked to make boards for fun in college. It was my outlet of creativity. During that summer I was making board after board as a result of posting an ad in our local Southlake Facebook pages. While I was looking for a real job, I continued to do this and realized that I was working towards my dream job. I decided to make YaYaYum Boards my full time job and give it my all. We opened our storefront in October 2020. Mid pandemic, we survived. Even better, we thrived. Everyone was looking for something that could be just dropped off at their door with no contact, and we were there, mask, gloves, socially distancing and all. 

3 years later, I have an entire cheese crew (my family included) that has made thousands and thousands of boards. We've not only made boards, but we've been on the news, made the cover of Southlake Style, hosted multiple workshops (virtual and in person) and spoken at live conferences and events. This business has become my child and I drive to work everyday thankful for what it has become and where it is going!


Thank you for reading ♥️  

AyeshaOwner & Founder