Hello fellow cheese lovers! A little about me, and how I got started in this not so conventional job that I love- 

I always knew I was had a creative eye since I was little. From arts and crafts being my favorite childhood hobby, to going door to door selling smoothies in Elementary school, I guess you could say I always have had a little bit of entrepreneurial spirit in me. 

I became a major foodie in my college years, I had a food instagram called YaYaYum (that is still online to this day if you want to take a peak), and I would go to all sorts of places, from hidden gems to good ole chain restaurants and photograph it all. Something about food photography, blogging about it, an outlet of creativity really sparked something in my brain. 

I started making charcuterie boards my junior year of college. I eventually upgraded from the $15 meat and cheese plates you get at the grocery store to making our own boards at home, each time I made one I got better and better and fell more in love with the artistry behind it. 

It was then after I graduated college in 2019 from the University of Arkansas (woo pig baby) that I felt stumped all around. I thought to myself - I guess I'll start interviewing for a "normal" job.. because that is what we are intended to do post graduation right? 

As I was living at home with my parents, interviewing for jobs, my mom gave me the idea "why don't you try selling your boards to locals?" I thought she was crazy at the time (lol). However, I decided to listen to my mom, and post in ad in our local Southlake Mom's Facebook page and to my surprise it went viral! Business was booming, and it was those moments that I decided this was what I was meant to do with my life. To create a business unlike anything else out there. The rest is history!