Level Up Your Pairing Knowledge: Game Day Board Edition!

Our goal is to introduce you to our mind blowing selection of perfect bites on our 2023 Game Day Board. Just keep in mind, we encourage you to play with your food here. Pour a *chilled* glass of your favorite bevvy (perhaps something on the sweeter side to mellow out the heat coming from this board i.e. reisling, raspberry wheat or even an orange prebiotic soda) and let your taste buds discover these mind blowing pairings below.  

Simple VS. Funky  

For each cheese featured on this theme, we have a simple pairing (classic, timeless, ideal for cheese beginners) and a funky pairing (unexpected, thrilling, out of the box). 


Smoked Gouda Holland smoked gouda + ground mustard smoked gouda + ground mustard + peppercorn salami + cornichon 
Boursin France boursin + sea salt vinegar chips  boursin + sea salt and vinegar kettle chips + cucumber 
Manchego Spain manchego + taralli manchego + taralli + hot honey + italian dry salami
Whiskey Cheddar USA whiskey cheddar + ground mustard whiskey cheddar + ground mustard + cucumber + calabrese 
Jalapeño Cheddar USA  jalapeño cheddar + honey  jalapeño cheddar + pepper bacon jam + beef stick + cornichon 
Jalapeño Pimento Dip *made in house* jalapeño   pimento + water cracker + peppercorn salami  jalapeño pimento + calabrese + sea salt and vinegar kettle chip
Cheese Stuffed Peppadews *made in house* stuffed peppadew + thin salami (italian dry or beef smoked)                 -  



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